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Sprint PCS
fixed all my problems for my personal and business use phones that I had disputed and went above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy me as a customer. Beware to ask about service agreements when adding additional services, using vacation mode, or any changes to your plan. Other than that, they by far have a much clearer service than Cingular and you get more for your money. We've been with them for over 3+ years now. (Note: In the past I have used AT&T Wireless, Power Tel, Nextel, and Bellsouth Mobility) GET SPRINT PCS TODAY

DIRECTV: I have been with DirecTV for over 10+ years along with some family members that are reaching their 13 year mark and since have gotten family, friends and complete strangers to sign up with DirecTV over any other comparable service. Don't get me wrong, when you're with a company over 10 years there is bound to be problems, but the cool thing is DirecTV always handles it to your satisfaction. I've moved over 6 times with DirecTV's mover connection plan and have never had a problem. Their installers are very well trained, friendly, fast, and efficient.

Probably the only complaint and fear I have is that prices have been rising often in the last couple of years, hopefully they are not getting to confident. Right now they are much cheaper than cable and you get a better picture with more channels and great features. I HIGHLY recommend that you get Tivo DirecTV Box when you sign up or if you are a current customer. I have three of them and they make TV so much more enjoyable as you watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it. Not to mention being able to rewind, pause and record live TV so you never miss a thing. This is a service like SprintPCS that we can recommend you to spend those hard earned dollars on with all the confidence in the world and we wish you a very enjoyable experience with DirecTV. Be sure and tell them sent you when you order you DirecTV, they'll provide everything for free, even the installation and throw in some free stuff for you. Enjoy!! GET DIRECTV


AT & T Wireless (previously Cingular Wireless): We tried Cingular for two weeks and were not pleased with their service. The only positive thing we found was the Rollover Minutes offer. Other than that we found it to be more expensive than Sprint PCS. They did raise the bars, I had service everywhere I went but all my calls were spotty and broken up and far from as clear as Sprint PCS is. Also all Media cost you a lot more than Sprint and other providers. So when you do the math and compare you'll find it best to stay away from Cingular and choose Sprint PCS or another carrier. We returned to our original carrier. AT & T is a GSM network which uses sim cards and relys on Wi-Fi to help it's network speed. If you want fast, clear and reliable service then stick with CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon.

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