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We have been building websites for music and movie artist for years now. NOW we want to bring you our opinion on artist and their music right here.

where the light is (CD/DVD)
This is a great new live DVD/CD from John Mayer (JM) and not a moment too soon. As we wait patiently on a new studio release this will keep you settled. This is the second live DVD/CD set from Mayer. The first on Any Given Thursday is still an amazing set to listen to or watch. You can of course get this in Blue-Ray, DVD, or/and CD and also it's available for download at iTunes. You'll get to here some of his songs you love live plus he always throws in some songs that you haven't heard him sing as well. You'll never here these versions anywhere else. Pure music heaven. Also look for this to play in select Theaters around the country. Also the Summer 2008 Tour is underway. BUY IT NOW - iTunes


This is the HOT new CD by the one and only Mariah Carey. Her highest grossing CD and biggest seller to date the 40 year old Diva is still showing the world that she is beyond anything music has ever seen. Breaking Elvis Presley's record of #1 hits with her Touch My Body reaching #1 bringing her to a total of #18 with the CDs release in 2008. Two more #1 hits and she will have the most #1 hits of anyone in music ever. I don't think it's a far cry to say that she will certainly reach that level dead or alive and has proven her unique and God given gifts in not only her voice but also her song writing, producing and everything else she puts her heart into. Looking better than ever and newly married this CD will play through better than Emancipation did although you won't find the huge hit songs like We Belong Together and Fly Like A Bird, but overall the CD is quite stunning and you'd have to live under a rock to not know about it's release. BUY IT NOW - iTunes


Well another few years went by and we are blessed once again by a new CD from the Queen and First Lady of Country Music, Mrs. Reba McEntire herself joined by friends and very chart topping artist in this amazing Duets CD. Where most duet music projects are all about who is singing with who, this CD rises above and brings not only awesome artist combinations but also songs that are worth listening to with deep lyrics and meaningful heart. You'll hear Justin Timberlake, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, and other huge artist sing with Reba. Now we wait to see if she will bless us with another Studio collection in the coming years. She is currently on tour with Kelly Clarkson and is involved in a number of other ventures. Of course this CD contains the now imfamous song, Because of You originally recorded and written by Kelly Clarkson. BUY IT NOW - iTunes


Always: Songs of Worship
Finally another AWESOME new CD by an incredible Christian artist that seems to last through the hands of time and always be a fresh a breath air when everyone else is trying to sound the same and be cool, Steve is just trying to minister through music and follow the Spirit's call. Always is probably Steve best album in years. It is so fresh and worshipful and you will find such great depth in the lyrics that encourage, strengthen and challenge you to walk closer to our Savior JESUS CHRIST. If you haven't seen Steve Green Live in Concert, then you should for sure check him out. It will be an experience you never forget. Here on this new CD you'll find some favorites and some great new songs. I know you will enjoy this and will rediscover why you love Steve's Music and Ministry so much. If you've never heard him this is a great CD to start with. Reminds me of Where Mercy Begins. I call this CD Project FRESH but FAITHFUL.
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Top Of My Lungs
Great new CD out by Top of My Lungs. Be looking shortly for a new new CD to come out. This one has been out over a year. Also check out their Concert Listings on their official site. This Music Project like their others is getting more and more rocky in the music style but the lyrics stay true and reach deep. Not sure if they are trying to stay trendy or if they just don't have any standards one way or the other. Guess only time will tell with their following projects as they come out. My favorite track and one of my favorite songs is the last track on this CD. It is actually their kids doing a version of Tis So Sweet. It is freakn' AWESOME and so refreshing!!! If you buy nothing else, buy this song on iTunes, you won't be sorry.
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Thy Kingdom Come

WOW!! Is about all you can say about this AMAZING Female Gospel/Christian Singer. She just never seems to fail. After Purified she comes back to more traditional music lines that vibe with The Throne Room. She seems to keep a great balance but what is amazing is the words of each song so deep, so rich, moving. Then you add great music and the voice and you have a music CD and artist that stands above the rest without quesiton. I have listen to the CD start to finish so many times I can't even keep count anymore. It is just amazing. I expected nothing less and never even doubted. Can't wait for the next one and the next one because I already know that CeCe knows who she is and where she is going not only in her life but with her music. She is truely inspirational and amazing. What more can I say, buy this CD.
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